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The Hunger Games
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George R.R. Martin
The God-Stone War (Mageborn, #4)
Michael G. Manning
The Blacksmith's Son (Mageborn, #1) - Michael G. Manning

I am usually a slow reader sometimes taking weeks or months to finish a book. I read a bit put it down get distracted and pick it up a few days later if at all. Not since Christopher Paolinis Inheritance series have I been so enthralled with a book that I was irritated with work and reality getting in the way of my reading. I read this book in one sitting. This is by no means an insult or slight on the book, 11 hours of near constant reading, I could not put it down. Some may argue that some of the slang or contemporary references detract from the story but for me it makes the characters more relatable and fun. I easily lost myself in this world and enjoyed it most thoroughly.