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City of Bones - Cassandra Clare I don't know why I read so many young adult books, maybe because I refuse to grow up or maybe because young adult authors know how to keep my attention better. Either way I really enjoy them.
On topic: City of Bones by Cassandra Clare is an intriguing book that delves into a world full of magic,demons, and family. No one is who they seem to be and it's not just the glamour.
The story starts with an average girl(Clary) and her mom living in New York City. The daughter is rebellious as most teenagers are and runs out of the house with her best friend Simon who is a geeky childhood friend. They go to a club and thats when Clary meets some interesting people, and thus introduces the reader into the Shadow World.
Full of adventure, love, cool weapons, a unique universe and lots of demons, and monsters, City of Bones takes you on a wild ride. Its a good read and you come to really care about the characters. I would recommend this book to anyone who liked the Night World Series by LJ Smith and anyone who likes stories about Demon Hunters and Magic and Adventure.